The Very First

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a really long time. And during that time, I put a lot of thought into the first blog post of my non-existent future blog. It’s auspicious–the first blog post. And it sets the tone for the whole thing. So, here goes:

I read a lot of blogs. I read blogs about cooking, about eating, about traveling, about running (because reading about it is the same as doing it, right?), blogs by people with really good fashion sense and blogs by people who are really good at taking pictures. I have to be completely forthright: I am not those kind (kinds?) of bloggers. I’m not a master cook, I like clothes but I choose them based on how clean they are on any given day, I never remember to take pictures of anything and if I do it’s on an iPhone not a DSLR. So now you’re thinking, great, why the hell would I read this blog? It’s going to be about nothing. Well, OK, yes, maybe it’s going to be about nothing. But it’s about MY nothing! And chances are, you know me and like me (somewhat)! And maybe you’re just curious.

So here’s the pitch: I’m 22. I live in one of the coolest cities in the whole wide world (Austin, TX!). I go to work every day. And when I’m not working I’m going to try to do cool, weird or fun things that people will want to read about. Like trying cool recipes– or cool restaurants, depending on energy level. Or trying the Couch to 5K program. Or attempting weird craft projects. Or going on a long hike and taking pictures. You know, all those things that those super bloggers make look awesome. I won’t make them look so awesome. But I’ll make them readable! And maybe funny! Maybe? A little bit funny? Trying too hard?

For the most part, I want to show Austin to my friends and family. It’s such an amazing place. I love it. And if I turn into a super blogger in the process, with a cool logo and an inner purpose driving me to blog, so be it!

If you don’t care about my pancake attempts, my jogs, the margarita I drooled over last night, or cool snaps of Barton Springs (just you wait), then stop reading. If you do care, or you have time to kill, then maybe I just found my first reader.